At Medical Assistant Network we have seen it all when it comes to working in doctors offices. We have the unique view of seeing the office from the patient's point of view as well as the employee side if view. 

If you are having difficulty in your office whether it looks chaotic and disorganized, or there are conflicts among staff or you are not able to keep staff employed we have got you covered. 

At Medical Assistant Network we have worked at offices across the United States and have done evaluations at over 50 offices. We can assist you in whatever you are struggling with in your office. 

Think of us as your medical assistant coach. We are passionate about medical assisting and making the field better. We love to help medical assistants be the best they can be. 

The process is similar to recruiting for an MA. We do a needs assessment of your office. What is working? What is not working? Then we do an evaluation and observe the process in your office. Then we interview the staff to get their perspective. Then we come up with a strategy and help you implement that plan into your day to day operations. We will then follow up to make sure the procedure set in place is working. If at that time there need to be some changes we will make those accordingly. You have access to us at any time during the consultation stage. This is usually a week long process depending on the size of your office and how many employees you have. 

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