Kylie T, Medical Assistant-Queen Creek, Arizona




East Valley Institute of Technology : Kylie went for two full school years to Evit where she learned both front and office skills as well as went on externship. In front office she learned insurance verification, ICD-10 coding, charting, pharmacology, legal and ethical issues, CCMA preparation as well as soft skills such as time management, professionalism and customer service. In the back office she learned how to do injections, venipuncture, UA's vital signs and so much more. 



  • Redemption Psychiatry: Here Kylie, obtained vital signs and updated medical history of patients, as well as obtained prior authorizations and worked at the front desk. 
  • Mesa OB/GYN:  Kylie administered injections, assisted in minor treatments and procedures, notified patients of results, clean and stocked rooms and so much more. 

"I love being a medical assistant because everyday is a challenging adventure that will push me to my fullest potential physically and mentally and make me a better person everyday".-Kylie T 


  • Desert Family Medicine: Kylie obtained vital signs as well as updated medical history, prescription refills, EKG's, restocking supplies and learned how to schedule patients in the front office. 


  • Assisted the docotr with minor procedures
  • Vital signs
  • Injections
  • Patient education
  • Patient phone calss


  • Psychiatry: Learned how to have empathy for patients in high stress situations.  
  • Ob/GYN: Was introduced to a multitude of procedures done in OB/GYN field.  
  • Family Practice:During her externship here Kylie learned the ins and outs of workign in a doctors office. 

MAS™ System  Snapshot

With our propritary MAS™ System we give you a compresive snapshot into how each highly vetted Medical Assistant canidate can help imporve your office in the key areas assessed during our consultation. Our system goes beyond personalitity assessement and looks at emotional intllegnece, cognative skills, as well as professional education and certification.


*Insert MA Name's* MAS™ System  Snapshot Is:

  •  Emotional Intllegnece, 18
  • Cognative Skills, 20
  • Professional Education, 20
  • Certification, 0
  • Expereince, 15