Customer service with a smile.

I can not express how important customer service is in the medical field. Most of the time when people come to the doctors office it is because something is wrong. Maybe they are hurt or sick whatever the reason as a medical assistant we need to have empathy for that person. I have see far too many times when you walk into the office for your appointment and the person behind the desk doesn't smile and doesn't look that happy to be there. That is never a good feeling for the patient and that should never be their first impression of the offie. We want out patient's to feel comfortable in our office. Smiling and giving a warm welcome is key. Address them by their name (first or last name only to avoid a HIPAA violation). Speak to them in warm tones. If they are rude to you do not sink to their level. We all have bad days but when we work in a medical office we need to leave our personal issues at the door when we walk into work. With technology today it is very easy for someone to write a bad review and post it everywhere. They can put it on your office's Yelp page, Facebook page or a community Facebook page. They can also attach your name to it. Nine times out of ten people will post a negative review rather than a positive. Don't give anyone a reason to do that, it looks bad on you as well as the office. Even when on the phone you should be smiling. Your smile actually conveys through the phone. Don't believe me try the next time you are on the phone with someone.