What are the most important skills to have as a Medical Assistant

There are many skills that are important for a medical assistant to have. Depending on whom you ask you will get a variety of different answers. Some may say it is how to draw blood others might say it's being good at technology. My answer is soft skills.


Soft skills are all about professionalism. In my opinion, you can teach just about anybody how to be a medical assistant (trust me I have), but a good medical assistant needs to know how to show up for work on time and in uniform. They need to know how to have excellent customer service. They need to know how to have unparalleled communication skills. Above all, they need to know how to be a professional. You can teach an MA how to draw blood and how to schedule patients, and how to take vital signs, but if they cannot be professional you do not want them working for you.


You do not want to see medical assistants eating and drinking at the front desk or checking their cell phones all day. You want to see people who are engaging, who are smiling and who act like they care about what they are doing and helping the patients in their office.


If there is one thing I hate it is being at a place of business and dealing with an employee who clearly hates their job. You should never make it apparent to a patient or a customer for your hatred towards what you are doing.


Most people who go into the medical field do it because they have a passion for helping people. Sometimes along the way they lose that and get caught up in the day to day.


I love helping medical assistants remember why they chose this field in the first place. I love help igniting that passion and keep them on the right track. I am passionate about medical assisting and paving a path towards an excellent job field where everyone can say they are proud to be a medical assistant.