How Texting is Impacting Resume Writing

After reviewing resume after resume. I was seeing mistake after mistake. I couldn't figure out why there were so many grammar errors. One of the biggest problems I was seeing was people not capitalizing their I's. They use lower case I's in their cover letter (when they submit a cover letter) and all over their resume. Typically I should not be used that much at all on a resume but when it was it was being used incorrectly. Then there were the constant punctuation errors. I had one resume where someone spelled communication like this "commun'cat'on". This was a simple typo I am sure, but it was not proofread before it was submitted. 

It looks like it comes down to people using the shorthand they use in text and not remembering to be professional when writing a resume. Also assuming autocorrect was going to fix their mistakes. It is amazing how many candidates are not proofreading their own resume before submitting to an office for a potential interview. There so many MA's wondering why they are not getting a call back for an interview and they have so many mistakes on their resume. These resumes are not even making it past the 30-second review mark they are going straight in the delete pile. 

Things to do before submitting a resume:

  1. Proofread your resume and edit it. 
  2. Have someone else proofread your resume.
  3. Make sure you are not writing a resume like you would write a text. 
  4. Check your formatting to make sure everything is aligned.
  5. Save as a PDF so it stays the same format.
  6. Email yourself a copy to see how it comes through.                      

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