Stop wasting your time, resources, and energy trying to find the perfect medical assistant for your office. 


Poor medical assistant hires and open medical assistant positions cost your medical practice in numerous ways. From a negative brand and business reputation online as well as offline to unhappy patients and higher patient turnover- not having the RIGHT medical assistant for your office costs your business on many levels including financially.


 On average medical offices just like yours loose:

  • Over $2300 per week in office staff productivity when a medical assistant position is not filled (On average it takes 18-19 days to fill a MA position)

  • Around $4400 each time your office manager has to redirect their attentions into medical assistant recruiting and vetting

  • An average $1400 every time a medical assistant leaves your establishment (Turnover rates for medical assistants is anywhere from 12.6% and 25% depending upon the medical specialty)


What does that all mean?

 That every time your office has an open medical assistant position it is costing you business on average $12,700.

 Factor in workplace tensions and the add stress the increase workload the rest of your staff must cover during these times- quick, efficient, and long term medical assistant placement is the key.


 Your medical office cannot afford to be constantly hiring and rehiring medical assistants.

Let the Medical Assistant Network™ take the stress out of your office and reduce the financial burden by over 90% by finding your office the perfect medical assistant. Let us tap into our wide range of qualified Medical Assistants and find the perfect one for your office and your needs. We don't find temporary help for your office. We have a database with, qualified, educated, and trust worthy candidates who want to be team players for your office while taking their careers seriously. 

Here is how we can help your office.



Finding The Perfect Candidate

We love helping medical offices just like yours find the "perfect" medical assistant for your office. And with an average of under 90 days to find, vet, and place the Medical Assistant we know how to match your office with the MA of your dreams.


Here at the Medical Assistant Network™ we make finding the right medical assistant for your medical office as easy as 1-2-3. 

1. Schedule Your Medical Office Consultation

Our unique office consultation looks at your office's

  • Logistical needs (front office support, back office support, etc)

  • Medical needs (a strict Medical Assistant, other specialities, trainings need)

  • Office place personalities

  • Your office's unique workflow patterns and systems

  • And the missing pieces to what can turn your medical office from ok to an even more amazing place to work


2. Receive A List of Highly Vetted Candidates

Once we know your needs, we find the perfect medical assistants to meet your office needs. 

With our proprietary MASSystem we give you a comprehensive snapshot into how each highly vetted Medical Assistant candidate can help improve your office in the key areas assessed during our consultation. Our system goes beyond personality assessment and looks at emotional intelligence, cognitive skills, as well as professional education and certification.


3. Choose Your Medical Assistant

Now all you have to do is select which Medical Assistant you prefer. 



Are you willing to stop wasting weeks worth of your time trying to vett out the right medical assistant. Let us help you find the medical assistant you have always wanted while helping you create a stronger, happier, and more profitable office environment all around. 

Our 90 Day Medical Office Consultation and Placement (aka everything listed above) is a one time fee of $1400. Discounts available for multiple MA placement positions within one office.