Don't just trust us. Trust what our Medical Assistants and Medical Office Managers have to say about the Medical Assistant Network™ has done for them, their careers, and their offices.


Kylie, medical assistant

Hi my name is Kylie, I recently used Medical Assistant network and I just wanted to share my experience with this awesome company. My biggest stress about finding a job at the time was not having enough time. Constantly having to go take in applications to different jobs, go to lots of interviews, waiting for calls back, that was stuff that I didn’t really have a lot of time for. Before I met Lisa with Medical Assistant Network, finding a job that I was comfortable in, somewhere my skills would be best placed, somewhere that I liked, somewhere that I would enjoy was my biggest concern about finding work. While working with Lisa she really listened and understood exactly what I was looking for in a job. What my goals were, she had my best interest in mind throughout the entire process and I loved that so much. Since working with Lisa I now have an amazing job, I love it so much it is exactly what I wanted and exactly what I needed. If you are having trouble finding a job I really would recommend Medical Assistant Network, it helped me a job in as little as week. She really listened to exactly what I wanted, she took the time and the hassle out having to go and look for a job myself. She really did it all by herself. She found exactly what I wanted and exactly what I needed and I have to thank Medical Assistant Network and Lisa so much for your time , you really helped me and I really appreciate it, thank you so much.


Stacey, medical office manager

Hi my name is Stacey Zuckerbrow, and I have recently used Medical Assistant Network with Lisa. I have to say my biggest stress during the time of finding a medical assistant was really finding someone that was in the time frame of when my current medical assistant was giving her notice. So within two weeks I needed to find someone and have them trained, developed and ready to go for the doctors and that was becoming very cumbersome for me. Before I met Lisa with the medical assistant network I spent countless hours just going through resumes, contacting people, not getting call backs, people walking in that were not qualified and it was really time consuming, it was frustrating and ultimately is was really a waste of time and when you are in a practice, time is of the essence. Time is key and we don’t have the time spending going through the resumes and applications for the people who were not really looking to be employed, while working with Lisa I was so surprised how easy she was to communicate with and how quickly she was able to understand the level of need and care that this practice was looking for and what we needed at the time. She made it for easy to just explains, she met with the doctors she met with me she took a look at our facility and walked it with us and saw what kind of environment we had and what would be a good key it for us. Since working with Lisa I I have to say I was able to get someone hired within four to five days. I have the best medical assistant ever she got me in touch with several candidates. The first one I interviewed was the one I hired and I haven't regretted it since. Using the medical assistant network helped me in so many different ways. I no longer have to stress about getting someone hired and placed I didn’t have to spend anymore time looking through resumes. Going forward I will only use the medical