With so many "professionals" all seeking amazing jobs, but skill levels across the board how are the right candidates ever to find the perfect office for them?

Welcome to the Medical Assistant Network™.

 We find qualified, well paying medical offices find the outstanding Medical Assistant help they need. We are not a temp service. The Medical Assistant Network™ seeks to find and qualify Medical Assistants looking for long term careers, not jobs while increasing the medical office's revenue and patient satisfcation rankings. 


Our Mission

At Medical Assistant Network™ our mission is to unite qualified, skilled, and employable medical assistants with medical offices seeking long term, skilled employees. To provide services to medical assistants and the offices they work at to improve the MA, doctor, staff and patient experience. We value the medical assisting field and vow to make it a effortless process for all involved. 

I love seeing the perfect match between a Medical Assistant and Medical Office happen. When skills and goals match- magic happens. - I love making that magic happen.
— Lisa Corrales, Founder of Medical Assistant Network™

What We Achieve

  • Only qualified and vetted Medical Assistant Canidates
  • Workplace Assistment matching your office's medical needs, office skills, and social dynamics to the perfect canidate for you
  • All canidates ranked on our priority scale showing exactly how each canidate can best serve your office
  • Find the right Medical Assistant faster wirh less turn around
  • Seeking the elite in the Medical Assistant field- those looking for careers, not jobs
  • Personalized support during the canidate process and beyond
  • Working with both the canidates and the medical offices to create long term careers and work stability

Lisa Corrales

Hi! I'm Lisa. 

I have over 20 years of experience as a medical assistant and have worked in four different states during my husband's military career and in many different specialties including, dermatology, OB/GYN, family practice, MRI and pediatrics as well as a Social Services director in a long term care facility. I was also a Medical Assistant Instructor for 2 years teaching M.A.'s how to find the right job while preparing them for the certification exam as well as supervising their externships. 

I have worked in both the front office and back office. So I have a personal understanding of what both the office management and medical assistant need to succeed.

I thoroughly enjoy helping connect medical assistants with doctors offices that will match their interest and skill set where they can stay long term. The main goal of the Medical Assistant Network is to create an efficient, professional and qualified process that gets amazing medical assistants hired faster while exceeding the needs of the medical offices. 

If you are an outstanding Medical Assistant, I would love to help you find an office you love, click here to learn more.

If you are a medical office in need of medical assistants who will exceed your expectations in skills, service, and attitude- let me find the perfect medical assistant for you. Click here for more information.